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About Lewd City Girls APK

Do you enjoy playing lust games if you’re a fan of them? If that’s the case, we have Lewd City Girls APK, which will satisfy all your needs at once. Kyoko is the name of the main character, a high school student in this video game. Who foils the plot of school thugs who want to murder her boyfriend?

She expertly neutralizes the gangsters using her exceptional combat abilities. After the altercation, she experiences a strong attraction towards her partner. The developers of the Hot Pink Game Circle created this game, incorporating elements that evoke strong emotions and attraction for both girls and boys.

Only players using Android devices can play Lewd City Girls game. Your smartphone must run the Android operating system in order to play this game. The developer released an updated version of the game on June 13, 2023, which included some new and exciting features. In addition to teaching you new fighting techniques, they are all quite effective when used properly.

What is Lewd City Girls APK

The people who are interested in and want to show their sexual desire. Lewd City Girls APK lets you do everything you want and also helps you get better at fighting by showing you how great Kyoko is. This game is very simple to use, and the layout is easy for players to understand.

The only people who can play this game are at least 18 years old because it’s about Lust. You can only get this game from a third-party site or app because it has a sexual mode and is only for people of a certain age. Kyoko is the main character. She is very good at fighting, and she wants to save her boyfriend’s life from the mean kids at her old school.

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She is very good at fighting, and she can break the bad boys from the old school’s legs, arms, and teeth pretty easily. It’s lust for her man now that she’s won the fight with the bullies. They’re closer now because of these feelings, so Lust stops. A lot of rewards and prizes are given to the player at the end of the game for how well they did.

Features of Lewd City Girls APK

Features of Lewd City Girls APK

Strategies for fighting

The girl’s exceptional fighting skills greatly enhance the player’s combat abilities. She skillfully dealt with the troublemakers from her former high school, leaving them with broken bones and injured jaws.

A lot of fun

It is funnier and more humorous when the girl tests her sweet friend than when she tests her boyfriend. People can have a lot of fun with that, which keeps them in the game.

Gorgeous girl’s face

The girl’s attractive features catch the interest of her friend, who she hopes will eventually develop feelings for her physically.

Make Custom
People who play this game can change Kyoko’s appearance in any way they want to suit their needs and moods. The player can also get prizes after making the main character look different.


There are some parts of the game that are very important for drawing the player in. That’s how sound works. This game has a great music that plays on every step of the game after the tape is removed.

Stunning Graphics

People who play this game can get lost in a fantasy world thanks to its classic and beautiful images. These have amazing 3D graphics that look like they belong in video games.

Dear friend

The heroine, a girl with a beautiful boyfriend, is on a mission to rescue her best friend from the merciless bullies of her former high school. The bad dudes can’t stand a chance against her exceptional combat abilities. She felt passionately infatuated with him.

Game Modes

  • Your own style
  • Fun games to play
  • Change mode
  • Animation with Feedback
  • Freedom of Creativity
  • Lively NeighborhoodMode for fighting


Lewd City Girls APK is a game that explores the personal desires of Kyoko, the protagonist of the game. She is dedicated to ensuring her boyfriend maintains a positive reputation from his time in high school. The girl is capable of assisting her boyfriend and standing up to the bullies from their previous school. She skillfully manages to liberate herself and her partner from the clutches of the troublemakers, and as they reunite, their desires come to an end.

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